Creative Design / Branding

Brand Identity

Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room, it is your public face and reputation – and it’s vital to make sure you’re giving the right message. We can help you create the ‘wow’ factor, guiding you through the branding process and helping you to stamp your identity firmly in your customers mind.

Campaign Design

We provide high quality graphic design in any medium utilising industry standard tools, lending ourselves to any graphical application with professionalism and creative flair. We work with some of the leading printing giants and paper suppliers to ensure we have access to all manner of stock materials, and finishes.

User Experience Design (UX)

The key to good user experience design (UX) is to meet the exact needs of the customer intuitively, without hindrance or requirement for them to think about what they are doing. The process should be of second nature and leave the user with a satisfied and uplifted feeling.

User Interface Design (UI)

We've done many websites and web based applications for clients. We work very hard to deliver value and real business benefits. Each website UI design is specific to a client's individual brand and UX requirements and more importantly their business needs.

Rapid Prototyping

A rapid prototype is a digital simulation or demo of a product or service that enables you to test assumptions and virtually explore a product or service before it’s built. This can be in simple wireframe UX form to test journeys, processes and workflows, so it looks and acts like the finished product.

Product Development

Digital product development is the end-to-end process from the concept of a new product or service; through its design and development to the launch and promotional campaign where a member can purchase and consume the service for the first time.